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All New Yorkers deserve to feel safe going to work, getting on the subway to meet friends, or taking their kids to school.

But since January 2020, New York’s Asian communities have been violently attacked on our city’s streets, with over 2,173 attacks recorded.

However, with your support, we can fight these attacks against Asian communities through our Hope Against Hate Campaign, a landmark solution to bring immediate safety to Asian New Yorkers.

The Hope Against Hate Campaign will:
      • Establish safety ambassador programs in Asian enclaves across New York City, who will help to chaperone anxious seniors to appointments or be the point person to turn to in case of an assault;
      • Set up services to support victims in multiple languages, including a fund to help with assault-related expenses, as well as mental health support; and
      • Provide safety trainings in multiple languages. These trainings will include strategies to help bystanders intervene safely when they see someone being harassed, as well as self-defense strategies to keep ourselves safe.

With the Hope Against Hate Campaign, we are taking concrete steps to create a safer city, one in which all New York communities can thrive.

Give now so our grandmas and grandpas, families, and kids can once again feel safe in our streets.
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In partnership with our 70 member and partner organizations, we represent the collective interests of 1.7 million Asian New Yorkers, across critical issue areas such as immigrant integration, mental health, economic development, and civic engagement. We are working to make sure the pan-Asian community remains visible, our needs are addressed, our contributions are valued, and our stories are told. And we do this by providing expert research, strong advocacy, and training pan-Asian profits to be better at serving their communities.