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Our efforts to support our network of 70+ Asian organizations that are serving our communities on the frontlines is more critical than ever.

Please join us to support the vital work of these nonprofits and help our pan-Asian community recover from the economic and social ravages of the past months. Your donation will help us protect our communities facing hate; ensure food and comfort to Asian seniors; support Asian small business owners with advocacy and increased access to funding; and build resilience in our communities through mental health programs.

Every dollar you give now will help us support our member nonprofits and our communities with the advocacy, resources, and programs they need to sustain themselves during and after these difficult times have passed.
Asian American Federation logo
In Support of Asian American Federation
In partnership with our 70 member and partner organizations, we represent the collective interests of 1.7 million Asian New Yorkers, across critical issue areas such as immigrant integration, mental health, economic development, and civic engagement. We are working to make sure the pan-Asian community remains visible, our needs are addressed, our contributions are valued, and our stories are told. And we do this by providing expert research, strong advocacy, and training pan-Asian profits to be better at serving their communities.